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Creating a brighter future for BAME communities through technology training


Tap Into Our Talent Goldmine

What We Do

Empowering the BAME community to fulfill its potential through increasing diversity in technology.

Our mission is to provide individuals from a BAME background with an opportunity to learn, collaborate and showcase their skills through a regular programme of themed Hackathon++ workshops.

Each Hackathon will focus on a specific theme and technical challenge according to the Code Untapped programme. So that each member gets the chance to build upon and learn new techniques.

A select few of you will have an opportunity to showcase your abilities in front of our Hiring partners at future sponsored Hackathons.

So now is the time to start developing yourself and to prepare for a career in technology. 

Code Untapped is here to unlock the BAME talent pool and create a generation of innovators. 

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Core Skills

We coach and train BAME developers in the art of rapidly prototyping and releasing working software as well as focus on the mental resilience, strength and adaptability needed to succeed in a world of fast moving startups and demanding corporates.


Core skills include prototyping  Mobile/Web Apps, Web Sites and Web Services using the MERN stack, deploying to an AWS environment using a CI/CD pipeline, maintaining code in Github and managing  delivery using SCRUM and Trello. 

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Tomorrow's Innovators

BAME communities are underrepresented at every level of society and technology is no exception. Which means, simply put, that there is BAME talent being wasted.  We take underused talent from BAME communities and unleash its potential on an industry desperate for skills and innovation. 

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Diverse Team

A Perfect Fit

Code Untapped graduates are placed in partner organisations that desperately need these skills and recognise the value of increasing the diversity in their teams. 

Innovation is driven by creative thinking, which relies on diversity of thought and experience. 


Unlock Your Capabilities

Are you from a BAME background and  want to become a web developer?
Startup looking for the best talent to grow?
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